Our Product

ConsultNote.ai is your intelligent medical assistant, transforming consultations with AI-powered consultation notes, diagnostic/red flag advice, and personalized preventative health guidance so that you can focus on your patient instead of your PC.


Services Introducing ConsultNote.ai, your AI-powered medical ally that revolutionizes patient consultations. Our platform offers AI-enhanced consultation notes, diagnostic advice, and personalized health guidance, freeing you from the confines of your computer and enabling you to fully immerse in patient care.

Your own “AI Intern”

The AI Intern at Your Service Welcome your own AI intern that's adept in offering differential diagnosis and treatment advice, enhancing consultation techniques, and identifying any overlooked warning signs during the consultation. Uncover the astute insights our AI can provide!

Smart Letter

Smart Letter Experience the efficiency of AI as it crafts nearly flawless referral or consultation letters within seconds. By discerning critical topics from extensive consultations, it enhances patient handover and care, while concurrently cutting down on doctor paperwork.

AI powered consultation notes

AI-Driven Consultation Notes Our savvy AI attends to the consultation between the patient and health professional, crafting detailed medical notes subsequently. This results in improved patient care, reduced physician burnout, and a potential increase in Medicare compliance.

Medication information

Medication Knowledge at Your Fingertips Can't remember a particular medication's use? No need to remember Mims anymore, get information instantly through our app.

Australian specific treatment advice (beta)

Australia-Specific Treatment Advice Seeking a quick reminder? Our platform provides treatment advice specifically tailored for the Australian context. All the while looking like you've never left your electronic medical record from the patient perspective. The days of being criticised for googling are over!

Care Plan Generator

Care Plan Generator Create individualized care plans (both general and mental health) for your patients using SMART criteria.

ConsultNote.ai tries to assist you in being more medicare compliant by specifically training our AI on relevant medicare requirements, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

With ConsultNote.ai, generating mental health care plans is not only simpler but also more comprehensive. Your patients' detailed social and psychological history is automatically transcribed into the care plan.

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