Empower your practice, elevate your productivity with the fully Australian owned and developed ConsultNote.ai

ConsultNote.ai is an innovative software designed to enhance the efficiency of General Practice consultations. As a world-first development entirely crafted in Australia, we take immense pride in being solely Australian-owned. We strictly adhere to all Australian health and privacy regulations. 

Thoughtfully designed by Australian General Practitioners, is tailored to enhance the GP consultation process within the medical community. With ConsultNote.ai, tasks such as note-taking, letter writing, differential diagnosis, care plan generation, and preventative health management become seamlessly efficient. ConsultNote.ai….Assisting intelligence.™

The ConsultNote.ai impact on your practice

Captures a consultation through smart listening

Consult with your patients in a completely natural way while our intelligent Application listens to the conversation. You can cover multiple subjects and go back and forth. Speak normally and naturally and don’t worry if the conversation veers off strict medical discussion. Our smart AI application will know what is relevant and what is not.

Document your consultations automatically

ConsultNote.ai listens to your consultation and then automatically writes your notes in succinct easy to read form using the SOAP format. Separate problems are clearly delineated in an easy to read medical notes that can be transcribed to your electronic medical software.

Smart Letter

ConsutlNote.ai will write the near perfect referral or consultation letter in seconds, based on your consultation. You will have a very detailed letter for referrals to hospitals and other Specialists. It pulls selective topics out of long consultations to improve patient handover and care while simultaneously reducing doctor paperwork.

Create better care plans

Discover the power of instant, detailed care plans with ConsultNote.ai. Our application is designed to construct comprehensive care plans and mental health care plans instantly, incorporating the use of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals where applicable.

Your own “AI Intern”

Have your own AI intern provide advice on differential diagnosis and treatment, how to improve consultations, and any potentially missed red flags from the consult. You will be surprised at what ConsultNote.ai will pick up!

Join the revolution in healthcare with ConsultNote.ai today!

What is being said.

“ConsultNote.ai is a game-changer! This service has completely transformed my note writing process. It seamlessly integrates into my workflow, allowing me to create accurate and comprehensive notes effortlessly. With ConsultNote.ai, I save valuable time and can focus on providing excellent patient care. The accuracy, flexibility, security, and outstanding customer support make ConsultNote.ai an essential tool for healthcare professionals. Highly recommended! Thanks, ConsultNote.ai.”


"Using ConsultNote.ai has changed my clinical practice fundamentally. The software is able to efficiently transcribe and summarise my consultations such that my notes are accurate and easily reconciled when reviewed. The greatest benefit is that my administration time of recording notes or creating letters is so greatly diminished. I am able to spend more time with the patient to create a better understanding of their problems, tackle more issues and provide them with a more detailed plan. The software is a game changer for medical practice by providing a safer and more effective way to interact with patents. The ease at which the software is able to achieve this is the reason I use this for every one of my patient encounters and I believe that this software will soon be part of the gold standard for patient care across general practice and medical specialties."


"I have been using this app for few weeks now. I usually carry out long and conplex consults. It has allowed me to focus more on my consulting and establishing great detailed history without missing anything while typing. Above all, I feel I can have excellent rapport with patients because typing doesn't get in the way and I'm far less stressed about catching up with my notes. I usually read the summary of the consultation generated by the app and make my own adjustment. I highly recommend."


Introductory Pricing $190 per month

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