Dr Kim Gundani

Head of Operations


Kimberly Gundani is a health advocate and entrepreneur, combining a unique blend of expertise in pharmaceutical science, law, child protection, and technology to create innovative solutions in health care. Having graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, with First Class Honours in Pharmaceutical Science, Kimberly further broadened her academic repertoire by completing her Master’s in Law (Juris Doctor). This multi-disciplinary approach allowed her to deeply understand the complexities of the health sector from a variety of perspectives. Her initial professional journey led her to work in child protection through the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria. In this role, Kimberly gained invaluable insights into the multifaceted challenges faced by the health system, particularly for vulnerable populations. Driven by a passion for advocacy and technology, Kimberly embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. With her diverse and comprehensive background, she seeks to bridge gaps between healthcare, legal frameworks, and technology, with a key focus on improving the accessibility, efficiency, and quality of healthcare services. In the field of health technology, Kimberly is dedicated to finding innovative ways to enhance healthcare services, including using advanced tech solutions to address the pressing issues of today’s health environment. Her approach is characterised by a relentless commitment to leveraging scientific advancements and legal frameworks for the betterment of healthcare systems. Outside her professional life, Kimberly is actively involved in supporting vulnerable populations. Kimberly worked with the African-Australian Community Taskforce and Victoria Police, focusing on crucial issues such as youth offending and domestic violence within the African community. She aided victims of family violence through fundraising initiatives through United Nations Women Australia. Kimberly also committed her time to supporting the Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home, combining fund-raising efforts with volunteer work at the orphanage. Kimberly’s work embodies her profound dedication to fostering positive change in health care. Her multi-faceted background and interests make her a pivotal figure in the drive towards a more integrated, efficient, and accessible healthcare.
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